If you have reserved a kitten please fill out a DEPOSIT form that is attached.


The remaining balance owed on the purchase of your kitten can be paid in several ways:  CASH or (CashApp$) Venmo or CREDIT CARD(PayPal). The remaining balance includes both the balance owed on the kitten, as well as any additional fees such as: travel expenses, crate/carrier purchase, Certificate of Health, (extra certificate from veterinarian) etc. The purchaser will always be notified ahead of time as to any additional charges in addition to the purchase price of the kitten.

On the day of pickup, Cash only will be accepted. we will not accept a check, nor can we  accept credit card payment on the day of pickup. This could definitely cause an inconvenience for you, especially if you’re picking up the kitten on the weekend and you don’t have cash. We can not release the kitten unless payment has been made in full. NO EXCEPTIONS

Credit Card Payment:  You may pay the remaining balance owed on your kitten by credit card as long as the payment clears prior to picking up your cat. For those who are having your kitten shipped, your payment for all expenses must have cleared 10 days prior to the shipping date.

Carolina Maine Coons

Kitten Sales Contract

Kitten Deposit Contrast

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