The Buying Process

So, you love our kittens as much as we do?! Let us walk you through the typical process of reserving and purchasing a Carolina Maine Coon!

First, make sure you have signed up for kitten eblast on the about page.

Once you have signed up, watch for an alert on our Facebook and Instagram site letting you know that we will be sending the email out with available kittens. You will then need to respond to the email as fast as possible with your choices. It’s first come first served. (No waiting lists)

Once you are notified that you have reserved your kitten, you will need to fill out the deposit form that is attached on this page. The kitten deposit is $250, it can be paid by Venmo, $Cashapp, PayPal, and Zelle, you have 4 hours to pay your deposit and return your deposit form.

Once the deposit money is received, your kitten is officially reserved for you! Each Sunday you will receive a photo or video update (and sometimes videos!) so you can watch your kitten grow until at least the 12 week mark. (Deposit fees are non-refundable)

The next document that you will need to review and complete is the CMC Kitten Sales Contract and Agreement. We will email this document to you once we receive your deposit and you have returned a completed Deposit Form, this enables us to fill in some information for you and also the information requested is needed for your kittens health certificate. Once all pages are signed, (6 pages, sign all please) you can either scan and email it back to CMC or bring it with you on the date of arranged pick-up at 12 weeks. The final payment needs to be paid at the time of pickup. Payment in Cash or certified checks are accepted. No personal CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. CMC kittens sell

Pick-up days and times are by appointment only. We never want to have multiple buyers over at the same time because we want to have time to show you around and let you see how your new baby spent the first few months of his or her life 🙂

Both forms can be found here:

Kitten Deposit Form

CMC Kitten Sales Contract

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