The Buying Process

So, you love our kittens as much as we do?! Let us walk you through the typical process of reserving and purchasing a Carolina Maine Coon!

First, you will need to fill out a Kitten Deposit Form in order to reserve your new kitten. Once we receive this form, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the deposit (normally $500 + PayPal Fees). If there is another method you would like to use, please email us at to see if it is something we can accept. Personal checks are never accepted.

Once the deposit form and the deposit money is received, your kitten is officially reserved for you! Each Sunday you will receive a photo update (and sometimes videos!) so you can watch your kitten grow until the 12 week mark.

The next document that you will need to review and complete is the CMC Kitten Sales Contract and Agreement. We will email this document to you once we receive your deposit so that you can review it and sign it. Once all pages are signed, it will need to be scanned and emailed back to CMC prior to the pick-up date at 12 weeks. Your final invoice will also be sent around this time and payment is due (must be cleared) before you can pick up your new kitten.

Pick-up days and times are by appointment only. We never want to have multiple buyers over at once because we want to have time to show you around and let you see how your new baby spent the first few months of his or her life 🙂

Both forms can be found here:

Kitten Deposit Form

CMC Kitten Sales Contract

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