Minka Mom-Carolina Maine Coons
Minka Dad-Carolina Maine Coons

Minka- Queen                                                     Minka- King

Our sweet Minka came to Carolina Maine Coons from Russia 🇷🇺This face (Minka means face). We saw this picture and had to have her. The breeder started calling her Minka straight away and so when she got to us she already knew her name. She is the sweetest, most loving girl. She sleeps every night on us. She chirps. I can’t say enough about this beauty..From her amazing blue, cream coloring to her tufted ears, her fur is soft and her pink lip is hilariously cute. She is a definite favorite here at CMC.

Mina baby- Carolina Maine Coons
Minka 2-Carolian Maine Coons

Minka-Kitten                                                               Minka- 5 months old

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