Frequently Asked Questions


The Maine Coon cat is widely recognized as the largest breed of domestic cats. Males average 15-25 pounds while females average between 10-15 pounds, but both sexes can grow even larger. Typically a Maine Coon will stand anywhere from 10 to 16 inches tall, and average around 40 inches long from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail bone.  Although some do grow taller and longer than this. Unlike regular domestic cats that reach maturity and full size by the end of their first year, Maine Coon cats are slow developers and do not achieve their full size until they are 3 to 5 years old.  During kitten hood, Maine Coon’s will on average, gain double the weight of domestic cats.  A whopping 2 pounds per month versus the 1 pound for domestics.

Through selective breeding, some European Maine Coon breeders have created a line of “EXTRA LARGE” Maine Coons that are exceeding the standards of TICA and CFA.

Although genetics play a role in predicting the future, Carolina Maine Coons cannot guarantee the size, color, or temperament of any of our kittens or cats.


Our kittens pricing depends on the sire and dams that we use. Please inquire on specific pricing if you see a kitten you are interested in!

All of our Queens and Kings are from Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Germany), or they have been born right here at Carolina Maine Coons Cattery. They have a wild/feral appearance, yet have the most calm and loving demeanor. All of our kittens are sold as “Pets Only,” meaning kittens are sold without breeding rights. We sell kittens on a “first come, first serve” basis. Kittens can only be “reserved” once we have received a deposit. In other words, we do not “hold” kittens. We do not take deposits prior to announcing the litter when they are around 4-5 weeks old. Information regarding future unions and kitten availability will be updated on our Carolina Maine Coon Facebook page, as well as on our website. Please be sure to “friend” us on Facebook in order to stay up to date on current and future availability.


If you are interested in a Carolina Maine Coon kitten, you can notify us by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab on the bottom of the page or find us on Facebook.

We no longer take early deposit but do take your e-mail address and kitten preference. When our next litter is born we will make an announcement at 4 weeks of age when we know everyone is doing well. An e-mail is sent to ALL our prospective adoptees who have requested to join the mailing list. To reserve a kitten, you must respond to the e-mail with your first and second choice – it is first come, first serve – and a filled out Kitten Deposit Form (found on “The Buying Process” page). You then have 2 hours to pay the deposit (unless otherwise noted) via PayPal. *NOTE – PayPal does charge a convenience fee which will be added to the invoice* 3.5%,

We also accept: Venmo, $Cashapp. – but you must confirm this with us first via email. Personal checks are never accepted.

Once your payment is received, we will notify you that you have officially reserved your new kitten! 🙂

NOTE:  Deposits are non-refundable , but we will allow the Buyer to transfer his/her deposit to a kitten in a future litter at CMC’s discretion. (You must have to have a valid reason for wanting to move your deposit) Because Carolina Maine Coon Cattery has the right to refuse the sale of any kitten to anyone we deem not to be in the best interest of our kittens, the deposit placed will be refunded in full to the buyer. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us for further explanation BEFORE placing a deposit.


I no longer have a waiting list. It is CMC’s policy not to take early deposits, especially on unborn kittens.  Buyers will be notified once the kittens are 4-5 weeks.  The litter will then be opened up for reservation.

**In order to continue to offer excellent quality Maine Coon Cats, Carolina Maine Coons always has first pic of any litter, and the decision is typically made within 4-6 weeks of age. If Carolina Maine Coons is interested a particular kitten, the kitten will be marked as “Optioned,” which means the kitten is being evaluated as a potential future breeding cat.


On the Carolina Maine Coons website and the Carolina Maine Coon Facebook and Instagram page. We will either post videos and/or pictures. Videos allow the viewers to get to know the personalities and attitudes of each kitten, as well as showing the kitten from all angles.

The most up-to-date information can be found on the Carolina Maine Coons Facebook page, located at Facebook/Carolina Maine Coon. In addition to posting videos , we also will post impromptu pics/videos of both our cats and kittens “just because,” as well as provide info on births and upcoming litters.


After the deposit is made, you will need to review the CMC Kitten Sales Contract (found on “The Buying Process” page) and sign it. Full payment is also due prior to the pick-up date at 12 weeks!

We know how exciting it is to finally connect with a kitten. After you have decided on your future kitten and you have placed the deposit, the remaining weeks until you can take him/her home feels like an ETERNITY. Because Maine Coon kittens change so drastically from week to week, we try very hard to keep up with these changes and share them with their new families. Every Sunday evening, we will send out updated videos and/or pictures of each kitten to their respective family as well as post updated pictures on our website of available kittens.


Emails will be sent ou and posted on the Carolina Maine Coons Facebook page. Each email will have a description of the parents with photos, date of birth the photos of all available kittens with their names, coloring and sex next to each kitten’s picture. (Names can be be changed by the buyer and also register in that name)

The following is an explanation:

AVAILABLE:  This kitten is available for purchase.

OPTION: Carolina Maine Coons: is considering this kitten as a future breeder for their cattery.    ***This kitten may become available at a later date, so if interested, let us know. We can notify you if the we do not decide to keep this kitten.

RESERVED:  Someone has placed a deposit on this kitten.

SOLD:  This kitten has been paid for in full, the contract has been signed by Carolina Maine Coons and the new buyer. Sale is complete.

STAYS:  This kitten has been chosen to stay with us.

***Carolina Maine Coons will always have “first choice” of reserving any kitten(s) from any of its litters that we feel will benefit the future of our cattery. Please do not ask us to hold a kitten for you. The only way to “hold” a kitten is by placing a deposit. Our kittens are reserved on a “first come, first serve” basis. No exceptions!


Kittens are typically ready for their new homes by 12 weeks of age, yet some kittens may need upwards of 14 weeks before leaving. Pickup will be at the Cattery or a mutually agreed location on a mutually agreed on date and time. Buyer is responsible for all travel arrangements for the kitten in the event they cannot pick up locally. In the event a buyer is unable to retrieve the kitten during the week allotted, a charge of $5 per day per kitten will be charged for its care and feeding until the Buyer is able to pick up their kitten. In addition to the said charge, buyer will also be responsible for any scheduled veterinary needs and fees if the kitten is requires his/her third set of core vaccines, as well as his/her yearly rabies vaccination.

In the event that the kitten reaches 11 weeks of age, and we have still been unsuccessful in reaching the Buyer regarding the kitten they reserved, the Buyer’s deposit will be forfeited, and the kitten will be re-listed as “AVAILABLE” for purchase.


***Do not stop at any pet store (or other catteries or animal shelter) prior to coming to our house. Infections and viruses can be transferred from the pet store/cattery/shelter and into our home, which could be life threatening to our cats/kittens.

***Please limit the number of guests you bring with you to pick up your kitten. A family of 4 is okay, but please keep in mind that this day will be stressful to our mama cat and kitten, so we do not want to cause them stress.

***Before entering our home, please use hand sanitizer, which we will provide. To protect our cats/kittens, buyers will only be able to handle/hold the kitten they purchased at the time of pick up, but not any other cats/kittens.

***Depending on how many kittens are going home that day, pickup day can be a busy one!! In order to have one-on-one time with each buyer, I will schedule pickup times at least one hour apart. Please arrive on time and be respectful to others. I realize many of you are coming from out of town or out of state, so please just notify me if you’re running late.


***Buyers must provide a carrier for their kittens to travel safely to his/her new home. Upon buyer’s request, a carrier can be provided by the seller for an additional fee. This fee will be charged if we are organizing travel for your kitten.


We do not sell kittens with breeding rights. All kittens come with a spay/neuter agreement in our contracts which will be enforced.


FOR FEMALES—–Pyometra is a life-threatening infection that affects female cats. How do you prevent females from getting  Pyometra? Have her spayed. Pyometra does not occur in females that are spayed.

Pyometra is a serious infection of the uterus that can ultimately lead to death. The infection occurs through the female’s basic hormonal changes. Because female cats are “induced ovulators,” if they are not mated, the female will go back into estrus (heat) in another two to three weeks. Progesterone levels rise during estrus and remain elevated for 8-10 weeks, and the female’s body begins to prepare for an upcoming pregnancy by thickening the lining of the uterus. After several estrus cycles where the female is not mated or pregnancy does not occur, the uterine lining continues to thicken until cysts begin to form. The cysts secrete fluids that create an ideal environment for bacterial growth, and the elevated progesterone levels inhibit the muscles in the wall of the uterus to contract. Without immediate treatment, the infection can spread throughout her body, which could result in her demise.

MALES & FEMALES—-Spaying or neutering cats/kittens are less prone to a variety of diseases. Spayed females have a lower risk of mammary cancer, which is 90% fatal in cats, and life-threatening uterine infections. Neutered males have no risk of testicular disease and a lower risk of prostate disease. Spaying or neutering can also lead to better behaviors. A spayed female will not go into heat, which will prevent yowling, frequent urination, and discharge. Neutered males will not feel the need to spray everywhere in order to mark their territory. Spaying or neutering can also help prevent fights between pets.

For the above reasons mentioned, we require all kittens to be spayed or neutered and have strict adherence in our contract.

Buyers will receive their kitten’s CFA and/or TICA registration papers either by mail or online (email, Facebook Messenger , etc) once we receive documentation from your veterinarian that your kitten has been spayed or neutered prior to the age agreed upon in your contract. Buyers will have provided contact information to Carolina Maine Coons when completing the Cat/Kitten Purchase Agreement. In the event the buyers contact information should change prior to receiving their registration paperwork, it is the responsibility of the buyer to notify Carolina Maine Coons of their new contact information.  In regards to the cat/kitten’s registration process, the buyer is responsible for completing the registration paperwork, paying the registration fee, and submitting the paperwork to CFA and/or TICA. Of course, Carolina Maine Coons is available for any questions you may have regarding the process.


We do not allow our cats to be Declawed.
Cats scratch for two reasons:  to sharpen their claws and to mark their territories. Because declawing cats removes their ability to mark their territory, it’s not unusual for them to mark their territory with urine or feces. Cats that no longer have their front claws become defenseless, so they can resort to biting.

EASY SOLUTIONS-provide a scratching post or cat tree (which is typically covered in carpet or rope) in the areas they frequent the most. Also, putting a pinch of catnip of the scratching post helps teach the kittens and cats where you want them to scratch.


Kittens at Carolina Maine Coons will be dewormed and vaccinated. Between seven and eleven weeks, kittens begin to receive a series of vaccines at three week intervals until the kittens reaches 12-16 weeks. At 7weeks and again at 10 weeks, the kittens receive their core vaccine, which protects them from Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus, and Panleukopenia. The buyer will be responsible for getting the kitten’s last core vaccine in the series once they acquire the kitten, as well as their rabies vaccine at 16 weeks.

VACCINES WE DO NOT GIVE:  Our Kittens/Cats do not receive the FeLV vaccine (feline leukemia vaccine). Studies have shown that FeLV vaccines can cause cancer at the injection site. We also do not administer the FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) vaccine because research shows it can actually cause FIP.

FeLV vaccinations are not recommended for cats/kittens that have minimal to no risk exposure. Because Carolina Maine Coon cats and kittens are sold as indoor pets only, unless they are exposed to other cats that are indoor/outdoor cats, they should be at no risk of contracting feline leukemia. Always contact your veterinarian for more information.
***Please be aware that administering FeLV and FIP to your cat or kitten will void your contract.

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